4 thoughts on “Swastika

    1. Actually none of them are evil. Hitler just desecrated a spiritual symbol that represents the movement of the energy in the universe.

      1. First of all, Hitler did not desecrate anything, what he did was remove jews from banking and the media, there were not even any plans to exterminate anyone but after the expelled jews declared finanical boycott and war on Germany they were interred in camps as were Japanese in WWII in America. Then a pretext was used for war, that Germany had invaded Poland… the fact that communist jews had invaded Poland and butchered 22,000 ethnic Poles but this did NOT start a war FOR SOME REASON. This was blamed falsely on the Germans until 1980s when Russia admited it but ALL governments knew before and yet went along with the jewish media lies. Try to actually look up the truth before writing about something you obviously have bought from the jewish media hook, line and sinker, thanks.

  1. This is an insult to all European people. The communist jews of the Red Army (and every single leader of the Red Army was jewish or part jewish) and the jewish bankers who funded them, are responsible for the deaths of 60 MILLION European people. If you want a hate symbol, that would be the jewish star. HOW DARE you insult the memories of the victims of the jews in this way? Are you really this ignorant? Wake up.

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