A man in a gorilla suit
Sits on the edge of the water and sips coffee
While his head sits beside him
Smiling at a stray kitten.



An ivory-haired musician
Sleeps on the sidewalk
Hoping his snores would attract listeners.



Five young girls
Bathe their young brother
In monthly blood
And Hamilcar Barca looks on, armoured.



Flickering televisions on top of the watchtower
Thunder like cannons over the horizon
As samurais from a Kurosawa film walk down the staircase
To come out and massacre the market crowd.



A couple share a bottle
And a razorblade
Behind them, a horse dreams gently of retirement
And a life in the dormitory.



Text is everywhere:
Faces, breasts, cunts and dangling scrotums
And even on the plutonium-painted screen
(That is, until the power runs ou






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